Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mister Rogers' Garden (Needs to Grow)

I have, over the past week, watched this video so many times that the song is now pretty thoroughly stuck in my head.  I have no problem with this at all.

Mister Rogers "Garden of Your Mind" remix

What I do have a bit of a problem with, now, is the apparent reality that there are not enough Mister Rogers episodes out on DVD.  Really do not understand this.  Also, I NEED FULL SEASONS.  I have no idea why they wouldn't be already out.  Surely it wouldn't be the same as with Sesame Street, where apparently they let all the song composers and such keep the rights to each bit they did, so then for DVD they have to go tracking everybody down to get a complete episode's worth of stuff.

We need more Sesame Street too, for that matter.  Have you seen many kid shows of the present day, and how they just are nowhere near the quality of these two old-school items?  Or am I just old now?