Tuesday, August 14, 2007

board n batten

A hurricane, with bonus earthquake? Gaah. Hope everyone over there rides through it all. Good thing we got married last year.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

10. Where's your least favorite place to be?

Again, thinking of one specific location is difficult. In general, I don't like bad smells, rooms with no windows, bugs, or strange unidentified growths, so a moldy buggy mostly-bare room with no windows that smelled like sewage would fit the bill. Luckily I can't recall ever having been in such a room.

If we're talking places I might expect to find myself, I guess I prefer not to find myself in a hospital bed, because that would usually mean there was something notably wrong with me, but hospitals don't in themselves freak me out.

um, hi.

I think I am probably back now. I shall restart with another driving-on-the-freeway item.

One evening last week (I think), I was down in the section of the 110 that I call the carpool canyon, and as I approached one of the overpasses I could see a couple of young women on the sidewalk above. One of them was waving to the traffic passing underneath her.

So I hurried to open my moonroof and signal back, first with a peace sign and then, as I became unsure she was going to see me before I disappeared, just my open hand waving. I think she might have seen me in the last couple of seconds, because she jumped up and down and started waving more energetically, but I can't be sure.

Fun though. It's nice to be looked back at once in a while.