Thursday, August 02, 2007

um, hi.

I think I am probably back now. I shall restart with another driving-on-the-freeway item.

One evening last week (I think), I was down in the section of the 110 that I call the carpool canyon, and as I approached one of the overpasses I could see a couple of young women on the sidewalk above. One of them was waving to the traffic passing underneath her.

So I hurried to open my moonroof and signal back, first with a peace sign and then, as I became unsure she was going to see me before I disappeared, just my open hand waving. I think she might have seen me in the last couple of seconds, because she jumped up and down and started waving more energetically, but I can't be sure.

Fun though. It's nice to be looked back at once in a while.

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