Friday, August 04, 2006

who's a princess? i am i am

okay, i have both a makeup and a hair person now (have had since shortly after that last post, but it's been a bit hectic 'round here). and we are back to the original hair plan which is piles o curls cascading partly down the back. because my dress is rather poofy and so i felt the hair needed some poof to balance. wow, i'm going to be married by this time tomorrow. wow.


midwestgal2006 said...

I have also been "taken by Tess" the makeup artist who skipped town with my money. I paid her in full to do my hair and makeup for my wedding. I appreciate you sharing the information about her on your blog.

Anonymous said...

midwestgal2006 -
do a google search for The ARtistry Group and the 3rd seach item is another blog article regarding the Tess Standley (aka Tess Johnson) issue. She also has an unanswered complaing on the better business bureau.